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Bull's-Eye! Internships Pave Way to Job with Target

Jasmin Foster

Senior, Marketing

Jasmin Foster

I had the most amazing experience interning at Target, and I definitely think that these two internships will set me up for success when I start my full-time position.

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The mind of the consumer has fascinated Jasmin Foster’s since high school, and that interest has led her to a job at the headquarters of one of the country’s leading retailers.

Foster, a senior Kelley marketing major, recently landed a full-time business analyst position with Target after completing two internships with the company in her sophomore and junior years. She plans to start at the company’s Minneapolis headquarters after graduation.

“I had the most amazing experience interning at Target, and I definitely think that these two internships will set me up for success when I start my full-time position,” says Foster.

With 1,752 stores in 49 states, Target is the nation’s second-largest discount retailer, and they give interns challenging assignments. In her first internship, Foster worked as a business analyst in the small appliances department. She was involved in several projects that required market research, creating tools that would improve order inventory forecasting for promotional ads and making recommendations to increase circular promotions. During her second internship, she had the same position, but this time in the kids’ clothing department.

Both experiences imbued Foster with a strong sense of Target’s corporate culture—and it agrees with her. “Target is a very fast-paced, fun, and feedback-oriented company,” she says. “There is no way to describe the energy that you feel from being in the headquarters in Minneapolis.”

Foster relishes a fast-paced environment. Between 2007 and 2009, she served as the assistant director of IU Union Board Destinations, secretary of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and mentor at Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives.

She is branching out from business with a minor in sociology, which she says informs her role as a marketer trying to gain insight into the consumer’s mind. “I thought being able to understand why people make decisions on a macro level would help me better understand what type of products different segments of consumers need,” she says.

The mind of the consumer has been an interest of Foster’s since her high school days at Warren Central in Indianapolis where she enrolled in Warren Central’s two-year academy of finance program. She volunteered to take part in a focus group, where a regional marketing head of Nike Corporation displayed 10 pairs of shoes before the group and asked them to describe the shoes’ best features.

“I thought he had a very cool job,” recalls Foster. So much so, in fact, that Foster started planning her marketing career right away. “Most of the students who enrolled in the academy of finance program at Warren Central wanted to be business majors. We read a lot of business books and took field trips around the country, like to the New York Stock Exchange,” says Foster.  

Flash forward a few years, and Foster is about to become a professional marketer. She credits the staff and resources at Kelley’s Undergraduate Career Services Office for much of her Target triumph.

“The staff at UCSO helped me make my resume top-notch. They also helped me with mock interviews,” she says. Additionally, during the job application process, Foster did a lot of phone interviews, and the tips she received from UCSO on how to present herself in that medium were extremely useful. “I have been blessed to meet individuals who could help me in my journey and who have opened doors for me,” says Foster.

Published April 18, 2011