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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Departmental Dress Code Technology Operations

Departmental Dress Code – Technology Operations

Technology Operations employees (this includes all full- and part-time employees) are required to adhere to the following dress code.

Business casual attire is required at all times with the following exceptions.

  • Summer - During the summer (end of spring semester until the first day of the fall semester), professional shorts, jeans and open-toe shoes (professional looking sandals). 
  • Excessively Hot Weather – Professional shorts are permitted during the school year ONLY when the outside temperature is forecast to be 90 degrees or higher
  • Casual Fridays – Jeans are permitted on Fridays.  Appropriate jeans do not have stains, frayed bottoms/pockets, or holes.  NOTE:  When professional visitors are in the building (as designated by the Dean’s Office or the Director of Technology) on Friday, this option will be revoked.
  • Permission is Secured from the Director of Technology – There are times when employees may secure permission to deviate from the dress code to perform specific tasks that are not conducive to wearing business casual attire, such as replacing all the systems in a computer lab. 
  • Medical Condition – Employees who have a medical condition which necessitates deviation from the dress code (ex. Broken leg – might require over-sized pants to cover cast), they must secure permission from the Director of Technology.
  • What is Business Casual Attire?  Business casual attire is defined as a collared shirt with no offensive insignia or logo, slacks/Dockers, and or dresses/skirts (of a reasonable length) with professional shoes.
  • What articles of clothing are expressly prohibited at all times?   The following items are never permitted to be worn in Technology Services.
    • Tee-shirts
    • Jeans with stains, holes or frayed bottoms/pockets
    • Hats
    • Tube/Tank tops (no exposed midriffs)
    • Short shirts that expose the midriffs
    • Flip flop sandals
    • Gym shorts and cut-off shorts
  • Quick Personal Test:  If you have any question about the appropriateness of your attire, wear something else that you feel confident will meet the dress code.