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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Retention of University Funded Computer Equipment at Home After Retirement Date

Who is eligible to maintain university funded equipment at home after their retirement date?   This is a privilege that is only extended to faculty.

What equipment can you maintain at home and for how long?  Computer equipment (laptops, PCs, printers and other associated peripherals) purchased at least 12 months prior to retirement which is under the university capital asset limit may be maintained at home for a period of 2 years, as defined by IU’s equipment loan policy.  At the end of this two year period, the equipment may either be returned to the School (Technology Operations & Services for Bloomington faculty), or renewed for another two year period.  Upon obsolescence, the computer equipment must be returned to the School to be retired from inventory and disposed of properly.  Any computer equipment purchased within the 12 month period preceding retirement must be returned to the School prior to the last day of employment.

Is it possible to take office computer equipment home?  Typically computer equipment purchased for the office is funded through a central account under the Workstation Replacement Program (WRP).  All WRP computer equipment must be returned to the School prior to the last day of employment.  Additional office computer equipment purchased through departmental funds may only be taken home with the express consent of the Deans.

The Deans reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.