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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

The Kelley School of Business Teaching Studio

Classrooms space is at a premium.  The need for distance education facilities has grown.  The Kelley School of Business Teaching Studio (KSBTS) was designed to allow instructors access to every type of tool they could possibly need to interact with a student group in a distance education environment.  Utilizing the IU Adobe Connect license and server systems the KSBTS allows small or large groups of students to remotely connect to a live teaching experience that can utilize a variety of teaching technologies:

Studio Atmosphere with State of the Art Broadcasting Facilities:  These facilities have been developed to focus your attention on the remote student as you present your content and concepts.  The teaching Studio is divided into 3 areas:  Area 1) Digital Whiteboard, Area 2) Instructor Podium, and Area 3) Digital Touchscreen.  The instructor has floor touchpads that activate the areas so that they can easily broadcast from any area without complex switching equipment.  Each area is also equipped with 2 flat screen monitors that allow the instructor to actively see what is being broadcast to the student, to respond to chat questions that may come up during the lecture, and each area is equipped with a separate camera that can be controlled from the same floor touchpads.


Facilities Layout:

Digital Whiteboards:  This is not a new piece of instructional technology, but when combined with the Teaching Studio and the Mimeo software, this tool can now be leveraged to explain complex ideas and concepts to that distance education student.  Area 1 can be control by the instructor using the floor touchpad.  The instructor can capture the content being written to the Mimeo Digital Whiteboard and included it in the session for students’ later reference.

Interactive Chat:  In all 3 areas of the Teaching Studio chat monitors are highly visible to the instructor allow for real-time engagement with students.  There is an upper monitor managed by a technician for access to Adobe Connect chat sessions or possibly as a teleprompter and a lower monitor that services as a confidence monitor for the instructor to see his display.  This makes the session more interactive and allows the students questions and concerns to be easily integrated into the educational environment.
Digital Touchscreen: Often an instructor will need to highlight concepts or ideas visually.  The Digital Touchscreen in Area 3 allows for numerous types of outlining of digital content through a viewable digital medium while continuing to engage with student chat sessions.  For example, an instructor can load a PowerPoint presentation onto the digital Touchscreen and then interact with that presentation to highlight concepts or ideas interactively via the digital surface of the screen.

Teaching Podium: Area 2 is equipped with state-of-the-art PC, document camera, DVD/VHS/Blu-ray  Technology.  These technologies can be leverages for the educator who needs to utilize any of the above content into the classroom.  For those instructors who are most comfortable behind a lectern, Area 2 is a very comfortable place to present classroom material.

Examples of How Faculty Use the Teaching Studio: