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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Notebook FAQ

1. How do I get support for my computer while I'm at the Kelley School?

Technology Operations (CG0013) makes loaner units available for a brief period of time at no charge (one week at a time, three week maximum per semester) that students can use while they are getting their unit fixed. We recommend making arrangements for service from your vendor (for hardware issues), or through the UITS Support Center/Information Commons for software issues (812-855-6789). This organization is affiliated with the university and their labor rates are quite reasonable (see for more information).

2. Where can I get the software that I'll need to use while I'm a Kelley graduate student?

All of the required software is available to students for a nominal fee through the UITS Support Center walk-in office in the Information Commons area of the Main Library, or it can be downloaded for free from the IUware website (only download major applications from a high-speed connection).NOTE: students must have registered for class 1 day in advance of trying to download software from the IUware site. Technology Services will be offering sessions during orientation to assist KSB graduate students get their machines configured for use on the IU network.

3. Are there any deals for discounted laptop computers available to me as an IU student?

Yes - Indiana University has contracts with various vendors that allow IU students, faculty, and staff to purchase both laptop and desktop computers at a discount.  For the latest deals, see the IU Knowledge Base article, Computer Guide: Deals by Vendor.  Most sites will require your IU username and password to be able to login and see the discounted prices and options. 

4. Can I bring my Macintosh laptop and use it in the Program?

Macintosh laptops are not preferred by the programs; however, they are not as problematic as they once were. Students who choose to bring a Macintosh laptop to the Kelley School of Business will need to seek support from the UITS Support Center as TOS will not assist these students with hardware or software problems beyond the basic network setup and printer installs.

5. If I live outside of the U.S. and wish to order a new machine, can I have it shipped to the Kelley School so that I can pick it up when I arrive?

Yes, although those who wish to have their machines shipped to the Kelley School will need to provide a current, valid photo ID upon arrival:  TOS will not distribute a machine to anyone without a current, valid photo ID.

Please use the following address:

Technology Operations

1275 E 10th Street Rm CG0013

Bloomington, IN 47405              


6. Should I purchase a second battery?

Typically, most graduate students don't need a second battery. You should purchase a second battery only if you plan to travel extensively while in the program.

7. What ports are available for external connections?

Most all standard notebook computers have an external video connection for a monitor, USB ports, headphone jack, infrared, and microphone connection; some also have an HDMI, display port and/or S-Video out.

8. If I have a notebook computer that has Windows XP or Vista, do I have to upgrade to Windows 7?

Yes.  Our office recommends Windows 7 over any version of Windows, but if your machine cannot run 7, it is time to purchase a new machine. Please NOTE: Home versions of any Microsoft Operating System are not recommended.  Also, the ENGLISH version is highly recommended as our technicians will be at a distinct disadvantage when trying to assist.  Lastly, Windows 8 is not recommended at this time.

9. If I arrive on campus before orientation with my notebook computer, when can I get support to set it up and connect to the network from Technology Operations & Services (CG0013)?

Incoming students are not eligible for support from Technology Operations until after they have attended one of the configuration sessions and computer orientation session associated with their program. However, UITS does provide service in the Main Library at the Information Commons Desk.