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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Software Maintenance Policies

During the course of each semester, the Technology Operations & Services Software Support Team coordinate times to provide software maintenance and support to the over 200 supported machines in the classrooms and labs. We ask that when a technician is in the room performing maintenance on these machines that you save all documents, logoff the machine, and leave the room in an orderly fashion. If a machine is found to be still logged on by a user, the machine will be immediately shut down and all data will be lost as we only have a limited time window to perform maintenance on these machines during regular business hours.

Due to the utilization of the STC Build in the classrooms and labs at the Kelley School of Business we ask that if you find a problem with a software package on the build that you leave the machine turned “ON” so that one of our technicians can remotely fix the application or schedule a batch routine to run at night.

If you would like to know when a designated rooms software maintenance window is approaching or to report a software problem please feel free to contact