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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Loaner Laptop Policies

Technology Operations maintains a pool of laptops designated as "loaners." These laptops range from current year models to those that are a few years old (each year more laptops are added to the pool and the oldest, non desirable machines are removed). Primarily intended for Graduate student use, these loaners are available to any KSB faculty or staff member in their pursuit of academic or administrative endeavors, within reason. If a faculty or staff member requires a laptop for an extended period of time (such as an entire semester) then he/she should attempt to purchase their own unit (either personal or departmental) rather than to utilize one intended for student use.

These machines are available to any KSB graduate student, for a period of up to one week, while their machine is being serviced. In some cases, extenuating circumstances may justify a one week extension (for a total of two weeks) to be determined by Technology Operations' management. Further, no graduate student will be permitted to check-out a loaner for more than three weeks in any given semester.

If a loaner is not returned to Technology Operations within 3 business days of its due date, late fees may be assessed and charged to the student's Bursar bill at a rate of $25 per day. If a loaner is not returned to Technology Operations within 30 days of its due date, the student will be charged for the replacement value of all equipment checked out in their name. In addition, Technology Operations & Services reserves the right to bill a student's Bursar account or a faculty/staff member's departmental account for any/all damages or loss.

Conditions & Restrictions on Loaned Equipment

At the time of checkout, a Technology Operations staff member and the customer will jointly inspect the equipment being checked out (and subsequently checked in). Both the Technology Operations employee and the customer will sign the check-out/check-in form indicating the specific items in question, as well as the condition of said items. All customers checking out Technology Operations equipment assume responsibility for the safe return and well being of all equipment.

NOTE: Technology Operations insists that all equipment that is checked-out is present upon check-in. Technology Operations cannot accept partial or incomplete returns of loaner equipment, as this leads to lost items as well as a hindrance in lending the equipment to the next customer. Accordingly, all laptops checked in and out must be done as complete packages (i.e. laptop, power supply, battery and carrying case) so as to avoid inventory mix-ups or misplacements. Further, it is possible that our refusal to accept partial equipment may lead to the billing of a student who becomes more than 3 days late to return the complete inventory.