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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

Faculty Spotlight

Kyle Cattani

Kyle Cattani

Associate Professor of Operations Management

I love visiting companies, talking with the management team to see how they do their jobs, and figuring out how things work. Its part of staying abreast of whats current.

Corporate Relations

Supply Chain Alliance

The Supply Chain Alliance serves as a forum for collaboration between supply chain industry partners and the Kelley School of Business's Department of Operations and Decision Technologies (ODT)—connecting companies to top students who study supply chain management theory and implementation.

Supply chain management—matching the supply of a product to demand on a global scale—is a career choice new to many students. It involves the management and understanding of all business activities involved in product supply from purchasing raw materials, to transporting them to their manufacturing destination, to distributing them to the final customer.

The Kelley School emphasizes collaboration with industry to link supply chain theory with practice. Through these relationships, the School gains key advantages including:

  • Building demand for the supply chain major through Alliance-sponsored activities
  • Developing a relevant curriculum that prepares students for supply chain careers
  • Access to real company problems for graduate and undergraduate student projects
  • Company-specific research topics for faculty and PhD student projects

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Information Management Affiliates

Information Management Affiliates is an industry/university cooperative that generates, synthesizes, and disseminates knowledge about the use and management of information and information technologies.

Founded in 1979, IMA is the only organization of its kind in Indiana and one of few such organizations in the Midwest. IMA contributes to Indiana’s economic development by helping local organizations learn from one another, avoid mistakes, and duplicate successes. 

Our programs focus on helping IMA members exchange best-practice knowledge and new ideas about their rapidly changing field, as well as the ability to collaborate with Kelley faculty and students on research and educational opportunities.

The corporations, businesses, and nonprofits that compose the IMA membership represent a variety of industries and fields within Indiana, but they share a desire to tackle IT challenges and stay at the forefront of IT. 

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