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Indiana University Bloomington


The Haring Symposium

The Albert Haring Symposium provides doctoral students from the Kelley School and other leading universities with a forum to present and discuss their research in a professional meeting environment.

Research Assignment

The primary goal of the research assignments is to provide students with an opportunity to engage in the research process, from the idea stage to journal submission in the early stages of the doctoral program. Every year in fall, interested faculty will provide a brief outline of research projects that could benefit from a research partnership with a PhD student. Students will be asked to indicate their preferences from this list. For their first assignment, students will be matched with a faculty member with similar interests in the fall semester of their first year. Interested faculty mentors will be assigned one student. The research stemming from this partnership is expected to continue in spring and beyond the first year. If the working relationship is not progressing, students will be assigned to another faculty for their second year. Any conference presentations and journal publications resulting from this collaboration will be co-authored with the faculty member. Students will need to learn to juggle multiple research projects and work toward developing a portfolio of research projects in a general area of research. For example, students may present at conferences in their first two years, and then submit a paper to a journal. By the time students interview for an academic position, they should have a portfolio of completed and working papers at conferences and journals.