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Indiana University Bloomington


The Haring Symposium

The Albert Haring Symposium provides doctoral students from the Kelley School and other leading universities with a forum to present and discuss their research in a professional meeting environment.

Doctoral Program

From Student to Scholar

In the PhD program, we’ll give you the training and experience you need to become a scholar. You’ll strengthen your research and teaching skills by working side by side with our acclaimed faculty and conducting your own original research—preparing you for a career in academia.

Our program is flexible, so you can adapt it to your interests. You can choose a minor field in another area of business or a minor field outside the Kelley School to complement your major in marketing. Most students complete the program in four to five years. To see the profiles and publications of our current doctoral students click here.

Learn from the Best

To be an exceptional professor and researcher, you need to learn from—and work with—the best. The Kelley School’s marketing faculty is known worldwide for its scholarship. Our faculty members are published frequently in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, and Marketing Science. They are on the editorial boards of more than 10 marketing journals.

Unique Research and Resources

Our Customer Interface Virtual Laboratory enables you to track shopper behavior and test consumers’ reactions to new product and packaging concepts. Our Lab Store within a national retailer is the only one of its kind. We also have a Behavioral Technology Lab and databases from Compustat, Productscan, and ACNielsen, among others. Our three centers support research, and our seminar series enables you to hear about new marketing research from leading scholars around the world and present your own research.


Our degree requirements include course work, self-selected research assignments, a qualifying exam, a theory paper, participation in our seminar series, and a dissertation. You will also be required to do a limited amount of teaching in order to prepare you for your classroom responsibilities. Click here to view the entire doctoral program structure.

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