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Indiana University Bloomington


Doctoral Program

Initial Placements of Doctoral Graduates since 2006

Students who complete the PhD program in Management and Entrepreneurship are ready to become productive members of the academic community. Here is a listing of some recent placements:

  • Stephanie Fernhaber, Iowa State University (2006)—now at Butler University
  • Brian Blume, University of Michigan-Flint (2006)
  • Steve Whiting, Georgia State University (2006)—now at Indiana University
  • Hana Milanov, Instituto de Empresa (2007)
  • Kimberly Green, Clemson University (2007)
  • Bradley George, Babson College (2007)
  • Daniel Holland, Utah State University (2007)
  • Steven Bradley, Baylor University (2007)
  • Robert P. Garrett, Jr., Oregon State University (2008)
  • Aarti Ramaswami, ESSEC Business School (2009)
  • Brian Anderson, University of Western Ontario, Canada (2011)
  • Brandon Mueller, Oklahoma State University (2011)
  • Valentina Kuskova, University of Moscow, Russia (2011)
  • Jason Pierce, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago, Chile (2011)
  • Denise Williams, Butler University (2011)
  • Paresh Mishra, Butler University (2012)
  • Varkey Titus, University of Nebraska (2012)
  • Marcus Wolfe, Ball State (2012)