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Indiana University Bloomington

Majors & Minors
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Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation (ECI) majors generally follow one of three career paths:

  • Corporate innovation path (CI): Help launch new products, secure venture capital, market existing services to new industries, or bring other innovative ideas to companies.
  • Venture capital path (VC): Help start, grow, or mature small companies.
  • Independent venture creation path (IVC): Start your own business

Some ECI majors follow traditional corporate career paths, serving as innovators within the corporate environment.

Academy to consider: Entrepreneurial Innovation Academy

  • Major requirements: Select 15 credit hours total including your “outside” courses. At least four courses must be selected from Major Path Requirements.
  • Major electives: Select at least three Elective courses.
  • Outside courses: Select at least three Outside courses.
  • Minor requirements: A total of 6.0 credit hours are required. At least three courses must be selected from Major Path Requirements.
  • Minor electives: Select a fourth course from Major Path Requirements, or at least one course from Elective or Outside course column.

Certain electives and outside courses are more recommended for the different ECI career paths—work with your advisor to chart the best curriculum for your interests.

Courses Major CI Path Major VC Path Major IVC Path Minor Electives Outside Courses
BUS-J 522  Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation      
BUS-W 504 New Venture Business Planning    
BUS-W 506 Entrepreneurship: Leadership & Practice    
BUS-W 508 Social Entrepreneurship & Economic Development      
BUS-W 510 Sustainability Experimental Course      
BUS-W 511 Venture Strategy    
BUS-W 574 Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation        
BUS-D 595 International Management          
BUS-J 501 Developing Strategic Capabilities          
BUS-W 505 Power, Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation          
BUS-W 532 Organization Design Alternatives          
BUS-Z 525 Organizational Behavior & Leadership          
BUS-A 545 Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation          
BUS-F 509 Financial Analysis for Corporate Decisions          
BUS-F 517 Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Finance          
BUS-M 503 Applied Marketing Research          
BUS-M 512 Marketing Strategy          
BUS-M 513 Marketing Strategy Simulation          
BUS-M 522 New Products Management