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Indiana University Bloomington

Kelley Executive Partners

Other Programs & Services

Accelerated Leadership Development Program

Participants in the Accelerated Leadership Development Program work together on a team project.

Kelley Executive Partners is a leader in programmed and custom-designed executive education. We've developed hundreds of programs for large and small clients over the past forty-some years. Below are examples of our latest and highest demand programs. Each can be customized to your firm's unique needs and opportunities.

  • Leadership Development
    Leaders are rarely born, at least not corporate leaders. It takes work and skill, even if you're already on the fast track. Our Accelerated Leadership Development Program has proven successful for executives and middle managers alike. See an example.
  • Marketing & Sales
    Without marketing and sales excellence, even the best management teams struggle. Our Driving Dynamic Growth Program gives you the tools to develop and execute a winning sales and marketing plan. See an example.
  • Corporate Innovation
    New ideas - whether the kind that make it to the board room or the show room, need a process and a method for moving beyond the whiteboard state. Our Executive Corporate Innovation Program will keep your company focused on the future. See an example.