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Indiana University Bloomington

Kelley Executive Partners

The Kelley Advantage

The Kelley School of Business consistently ranks among the top business schools in the nation.
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Blended Learning

KEP hybrid courses take a variety of shapes. We combine active face-to-face sessions with the collaborative opportunities using online tools such as discussion forums, wikis, video conferencing and even virtual worlds. Whether online activities serve as pre-session introduction opportunities, bridges to ensure the completion of action learning projects between in-person sessions, or as a method to maintain a learning community after a session ends, we at KEP believe that matching online tools with in-person learning can add more value to high-quality learning experiences.

The United States Department of Education found a significant advantage in courses taught using a blend or combination of online and face-to-face methods. The community learning tools available for online courses complemented face-to-face instruction and increased student satisfaction and retention. 
At KEP we understand that learning doesn't end when the classroom lights are turned off. Learners who leave their desks and their families to participate in a course deserve to get the most benefit from their time whether that is the ability to demonstrate mastery of the course content or adept application of the course's topic  in the workplace. However, we also understand that the greatest impact doesn't happen as a result of a single person but rather results from a community of effort.