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Indiana University Bloomington


Cross-Campus Initiatives

Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Science Innovations (JCESI)

Located in Simon Hall, Indiana University's new Multidisciplinary Science Building, this satellite office of the JCEI is dedicated to the emerging science projects emanating from the laboratories of Indiana University’s top scientists. Through this collaboration, MBA students working within the Entrepreneurial Innovation Lab (EIL), in conjunction with science students, embark on a research journey into the investigation of the commercial potential of technologies developed in the laboratories. Sources for this technology include Indiana University faculty as well as other research organizations in the state.

As a result, one of our primary objectives is to bridge the gap between scientific research and business opportunities by conducting market and competitive analyses, recommending marketing tactics, developing detailed operating plans, and proposing financing strategies.  In support of IU's existing commercialization procedures and its business agent, the Indiana University Emerging Technology Center (IUETC), we assist in developing the rationale and business case for investing resources.  These necessary resources include applying for patents and/or dedicating space/facilities for business incubation, and evaluating commercial opportunities with private corporations and venture capitalists.