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Indiana University Bloomington


All This and He's Under 30

David Hosei BS'04

Manager/Owner, Hosei Properties LLC and Hosei LLC; CEO, International Web Properties

David Hosei

“Dr. K is a great leader, who is passionate about helping students achieve the entrepreneurial mindset.”

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David Hosei, a married father of three young children, has already sold a multimillion dollar Internet startup, currently manages and owns two corporations (with his name in the title), and is CEO of yet another Internet venture—and he’s not even 30 yet.

You could say he’s the personification of “entrepreneurship.”

Hosei was born with an entrepreneurial spirit—his first company, Hosei Lawn Care, was started in his hometown of Indianapolis when he was 15—but it was the Kelley School of Business and the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (JCEI) that really honed his skills. In fact, the relationship between Hosei and JCEI Executive Director Donald F. Kuratko even predates Kuratko’s tenure at IU. (Prior to taking the helm at JCEI, Kuratko served as executive director of the Midwest Entrepreneurial Education Center at Ball State University.)

“I met Dr. K as a junior in high school through a program he ran at Ball State, which invited young entrepreneurs to campus for a week and taught basic skills related to writing a business plan and running a business,” Hosei says. “I am convinced that this experience was instrumental in my development as an entrepreneur. Dr. K is a great leader, who is passionate about helping students achieve the entrepreneurial mindset. We are truly fortunate to have him as the director of the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.”

After selling that first business to pay for college, Hosei moved down to Bloomington to begin his undergraduate career. He dove right into campus life by giving something of himself. He founded Helping Educate Lots of People (HELP), which worked with kids in the Bloomington community to teach them about financial literacy, money management, and entrepreneurship. He also founded the IU Battle of the Bands, whose mission was to raise money for a local charity.

At Kelley, Hosei was giving back, but he was also developing his own career. He became active in JCEI’s Young Entrepreneurs Association, which put him in touch with some kindred souls. “This experience helped me meet great entrepreneurs and fellow students that were passionate about starting businesses,” says Hosei. “In addition, I was fortunate to be chosen two years in a row as a Glaubinger Entrepreneurship Scholarship, which helped me tremendously with the cost of tuition.”

 While still an undergraduate student, Hosei went into business with a childhood friend, Purdue student Michael Slate, to create, an Internet startup that became the leading provider of ringtones, screensavers and games on the Internet with over 4 million registered users and $7.5 million in annual sales. Hosei was directly responsible for managing marketing, sales, and customer service for the company. (Hosei and Slate later sold to Vantage Point Ventures.)

With all this great business experience under his belt, what is Hosei up to nowadays, just a mere five years since graduating from college? He’s a dedicated family man to his three children and wife, Nicole, for starters. He’s an investor in, an online retailer of posters and fine art prints. And as CEO of International Web Properties (IWP), he’s helping with the launch of the company’s new brand He’s still giving back by helping Indianapolis-area entrepreneurs start and build their businesses.

Who knows what his 30s will bring? “My education at the Johnson Center and the Kelley School gave me the skill sets and confidence I needed to make the leap from a small business owner to a sophisticated entrepreneur with a larger vision of the possibilities in the marketplace,” he says.

Published April 15, 2011