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Indiana University Bloomington

Institute for International Business

International Edge

Overseas study gives Kelley undergraduate and MBA students an edge with international experience that broadens their perspective of the global marketplace.

Business Foreign Language

Proficient foreign language skills offer competitive advantages and enable better relationships with international clients and partners. By speaking the language, business professionals gain a unique understanding of cultural and social nuances critical to their success in global markets.

IU CIBER and the Institute for International Business recognize the importance of language study for students, and also the study of business concepts by language instructors through continuing development opportunities. Beyond the programs we offer, the CIBER network administers a broad portfolio of resources, workshops, conferences, and other programs to promote and strengthen the study of business language.

Language Tutoring for MBA Students

Our tutoring program provides a customized approach to assisting business graduate students in essential language skills and the knowledge necessary to study, intern, or work in a global environment. Tailored to each student’s goals, the program features IU foreign language instructors working one-on-one or in small groups with students. Tutoring is offered in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and other languages (upon request).

The application is posted on iKelley each semester, with the deadline to apply being the second Friday of the semester. Participants are required to pay in advance per semester for 12 hours of instruction. There are two tiers of tutoring available:

  • Private instruction: $20 per hour
  • Two-person group: $17 per hour (per person)

Annual Business Language Conference for Language Instructors

Cosponsored each year by IU CIBER and hosted around the U.S. at CIBER institutions in March or April, the CIBER Business Language Conference provides an opportunity for teachers, scholars, policy makers and business leaders to discuss business language education. The conference enhances U.S. business competitiveness globally by linking the human capital and information needs of the U.S. business community with the international education, language training, and research capacity of U.S. universities.

Languages at IU

Indiana University’s College of Arts and Sciences offers courses in more than 70 foreign languages, including some that aren’t taught at any other American university.