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Indiana University Bloomington

Institute for International Business

Global Experience

At Kelley, you can gain valuable experience as a global leader even before you graduate with Global Business & Social Enterprise programs (GLOBASE), Emerging Market Experience, and study abroad programs at the graduate and undergraduate level.


The Kelley Institute for Social Impact works to educate students on how to use their business knowledge to alleviate poverty through work in social entrepreneurship, economic development, and global community building.


Patricia P. McDougall-Covin


"At the Institute for International Business, we support the Kelley School of Business's mission to transform lives through our initiatives that build global business and entrepreneurial knowledge."

About Us

Because business is global, Kelley is global.

At the Institute for International Business (IIB), we develop and support internationalization of the Kelley School of Business by fostering opportunities to connect our faculty and students, as well as Indiana's business and government leaders, with the global marketplace. We collaborate with other leading business schools, companies, and government organizations around the globe, all to further our students, faculty, and alumni in understanding the worldwide market. 

A leader in global education

We were the second school in the nation to include international business in our curriculum, adding international business classes in 1959. But the groundwork for our globalization began even earlier, under Herman B Wells, who served as dean of the School of Business from 1935 until he became president of Indiana University in 1937. 

Through his experiences during World War II—serving as special adviser on liberated areas for the U.S. Department of State and as a minister of the Allied missions, observing the Greek elections—Wells witnessed the importance of internationalization. Under his guidance, IU and the School of Business expanded their global programs. 

Continuing the legacy

The IIB is dedicated to furthering Kelley's global reach by securing major government and private sector grants to support research and teaching initiatives related to international business. Through our focus on entrepreneurs and small/medium enterprises, our grant initiatives seek to expand opportunities for faculty, students, and the Indiana business community to engage in business education and economic development activities in developing and emerging markets.