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Indiana University Bloomington

Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness


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Photo of IGOE Sponsors
Support the Institute and Gain Access to our Talent, New Knowledge and Resources that can Advance Your Business.

The Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness brings together the talent, the training, the experts and the organizations—an ideal collaboration that through your support can make a substantial impact on global business.  

Through your support of our Teaching, Research, Outreach Initiatives you can:

  • Gain access to a highly developed network of talent.
  • Get assistance from the Institute to conduct applications and research, such a market analysis, to help with decision making.
  • Get actionable research and new knowledge that improves your business.

You can support the Institute’s Initiatives by funding any of the following:

  • Global Fellowships for Institute’s MBA and PhD students
  • Research projects
  • Workshops, lectures and featured speakers
  • Case writing
  • Travel by students and faculty to research sites and conferences
  • Professional membership for students in globally-focused organizations (i.e., National Hispanic MBA Association, Academy of Management, Academy of International Business).

The Institute fosters a unique collaborative network of students, faculty, alumni, highly-selected organizations and Advisory Board members. Please contact us if you would like to become a sponsor of the Institute.