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Instructional Consulting

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Research and Dissemination of Current Trends In Post-Secondary Instruction

Like faculty in other disciplines, instructors at the Kelley School of Business are busy with the work of their own areas of study. There's the research for the article you're writing; there's research in new trends you need to know in order to share them with your students; there's work to do on departmental and school-wide committees; and there's always that discipline-specific journal lying around, waiting for you to read. Who has time to study new trends in post-secondary teaching and learning, an area vital to the improvement and on-going development of teaching, but usually far removed from one's own field? We do!

The consultants in the Office of Instructional Consulting devote a portion of their time each month to the research of current articles and monographs concerning teaching and learning at the college level. We also spend a good deal of time reading up on various aspects for the workshops we are planning at any given time so that we may share them with you in consultation.