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Instructional Consulting

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Faculty Development Events

Our faculty development events are designed with several goals in mind. We aim to mediate current research in post-secondary teaching and learning, give participants useful and helpful information and ideas about a particular topic, provide a congenial atmosphere in which faculty will share wisdom about teaching, and model the concepts or methods we are advocating. Of course, in the short amount of time we meet (typically one and a half hours), we do not expect to offer participants "silver bullets" for classroom issues; yet we do hope all participants will leave our events with one or two ideas that can be implemented immediately in their classrooms.

Events are named according to their structure and purpose. The "glossary" below will explain:

  • Workshops - designed so that participants will actively create or engage a structured process from which an immediately usable "classroom product" will emerge. At workshops, faculty can expect to roll up their sleeves and collaborate to do the creative work of teaching.
  • Forums - designed primarily as informational events. Participants will define, discuss, and analyze a particular topic so that all will leave with a higher level of exposure or understanding of that topic.
  • Info sessions - designed to give faculty the most information in the shortest amount of time. Typically 30 minutes or less, info sessions are often used to introduce new initiatives to faculty.
  • Gatherings - vary widely, as they are designed to suit the goals of the day. Some examples of gatherings are
    • Dean's conversation with lecturers: an hour-and-a-half open conversation over lunch between all faculty of lecturer rank and the Associate Dean of Academics.
    • New faculty orientation: a welcoming session for new faculty offered annually in August.
    • Pre-tenure meetings: multiple sessions offered annually in May to assist those seeking tenure in compiling effective documentation of teaching for the tenure dossier

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