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Indiana University Bloomington

Institute of Business Analytics

About Us

Frank Acito and Vijay Khatri

“Business analytics is helping forward-thinking organizations improve virtually every area of their work.”

Welcome from the Co-directors

Business analytics is helping forward-thinking organizations improve virtually every area of their work, from marketing to human resources, from supply chain to finance and risk management. But until recently, this important, exciting field was practically unimaginable.

The field of business analytics has developed over the past few years through a convergence of several trends. Cost-effective, increasingly powerful computing has made it possible to acquire, store, and retrieve massive amounts of data, and to analyze and mine this data in revolutionary ways. Advances in software have made even the most sophisticated techniques and algorithms available for desktop computers and workstations. And competitive pressures, together with an increased acceptance of analytic techniques and solutions, have led to an exploding demand for analytic capabilities, ideas, and talent.

The results have been dramatic. “Gut feelings” are giving way to fact-based decision making. Static reports of what happened in the past are being replaced by the simulation of alternative future scenarios. Instead of tabular reports whose mind-numbing detail frequently masks important information, creative visualization of critical data is communicating deeper insights about an organization’s business.

These changes have created unprecedented opportunities for Kelley faculty and students to learn and use the new techniques and applications that will give sophisticated, cutting-edge organizations a competitive advantage.

All three groups—faculty, students, and organizations—have a home at the Institute for Business Analytics. We provide thought leadership, research opportunities, teaching materials and programs, activities and events, and access to the latest ideas and information in business analytics. As this field grows and evolves, we’ll keep you up to speed.

We invite you to join us in creating an analytics future.

Frank Acito
Professor of Marketing
acito [at] indiana [dot] edu

Vijay Khatri
Associate Professor of Information Systems
vkhatri [at] indiana [dot] edu