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Indiana University Bloomington

Center for Global Sales Leadership

Nearly 200 Kelley Graduates

Every year, nearly 200 Kelley graduates—many of whom are actively involved with the Center—land sales positions in some of the world's top companies, including Whirlpool, InterCall, 3M, and American Greetings.

Alumni Spotlight

Alix Moll

Alix Moll BS'07

Sales Analyst, Unilever

"The best learning experiences were the sales competitions. We would do mock sales calls with a ‘client’—one year we did FedEx and UPS.The best part is that the people judging you are from major corporations."




You think you've got the skills—now put yourself to the test. That's exactly what our students are doing when they participate in sales competitions across the United States. Incorporating role-playing scenarios and often team-selling exercises, the sales competitions give students a taste of the excitement—and the pressures—of selling in a realistic business setting. And the best part? The judges are representatives from major corporations who give you candid, practical feedback.

“The best learning experiences were the sales competitions,” says Kelley alumna Alix Moll. “We would do mock sales calls with a ‘client’—one year we did FedEx and UPS. The best part is that the people judging you are from major corporations. It’s great because they are getting the chance to see you live and in action.”

And in today's fast-paced business world, getting the chance to show your skills to potential employers before you even graduate is an invaluable commodity. By participating in sales competitions as a student, you'll not only be networking, but you'll also be sharpening your sales skills and gaining valuable feedback from representatives from major firms.

Take a look at the variety of sales competitions we are involved in:

  • National Team Selling Competition—The Center for Global Sales Leadership hosts this annual competition here in Bloomington every fall.
  • RBI National Sales Challenge—The Russ Berrie Institute for Professional Sales (RBI) at William Paterson University’s Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business, in New Jersey, hosts this annual event.
  • Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon—This is hosted by Pi Sigma Epsilon, the national, coed fraternal organziation in sales, marketing, and management, every year. In 2009, Kelley seniors Casey Comeau and Alexa Likens, both members of the Global Sales Workshop, earned the number one and number five spots at the competition in Norfolk, Virginia. Read about IU top five placement results -- PSE 2009 Press Release; PSE 2008 Press Release.
  • National Collegiate Sales Competition—Hosted by Kennesaw State University in Georgia, this competition features sales role play events.
  • Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI) National Essay Contest—In 2008, Kelley student (and now JPMorgan employee) Megan Artz won this event with an essay focusing on why market-based economies create economic success. She presented her essay at a VIP luncheon during the SMEI International Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.