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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Career Services

Practically Speaking

Kelley alumni can be found in every industry and at many of the companies you may be considering.

Talk to them about the specifics of company culture, job expectations for the roles you are considering, and the process they went through to find their current positions and what they might do differently now.

Choose the right career

Discover Network Interview Perform

Students go through a four-phase process to help them discover the right career, improve their networking and interviewing, and prepare to perform on the job.



Discover Network Interview Perform

In a highly competitive job market, you distinguish yourself when you can tell a compelling story about your experiences, your values, and how they make you the right choice.

You’ll learn how to do that at Kelley. Before you even get to campus, you’ll take part in our unique Me, Inc. program  to help you better understand your skills, your interests, and the types of careers and companies that are a good fit for you. That information will become the basis for your personal brand—and it will guide the way you present yourself at networking events, during informational interviews, and with recruiters.

We’ll help you learn to meet the right companies at on-campus and off-campus events. We’ll help you prepare to interview with confidence. We’ll also give you valuable tips on how you can distinguish yourself in your internship and beyond.

It’s not easy—be prepared to spend as much time on career development as you do on classes. Your hard work will pay off, though. In the 2011-12 academic year, 99.5 percent of first-year MBA students were able to secure an internship after their first year. More importantly, 100 percent of all Kelley graduate students accepted full-time job offers within 90 days of graduation.