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Graduate Accounting Programs

BS and MBA

By earning your BS and MBA degrees in five years with our 3/2 MBA, you’ll spend one less year in school than you would in a traditional MBA program, saving both time and money.

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Gain perspective and insights into the 3/2 MBA experience.

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Assess Dates 2014

Completed applications must be received at a minimum TWO weeks before Assess Date for full consideration.

  • September 26, 2014
  • November 7, 2014
  • December 5, 2014

3/2 MBA

Earn an undergraduate business degree and an MBA from a top 20 business school—in just five years.

Save money and time. By earning your BS and MBA degrees in five years with our 3/2 MBA, you’ll spend one less year in school than you would in a traditional MBA program. And, you won’t have to interrupt your career in three to five years to return to school to earn your MBA—you'll already have one. Kelley accounting or finance undergraduates can apply for admission as juniors and spend the next two years in graduate school. With no GMAT requirement and a minimal application process, you’ll make a truly seamless entry into graduate school.

Our accounting programs consistently rank in the top 10 among graduate accounting programs, according to the Public Accounting Report.

Gain real-world experience. The 3/2 MBA incorporates substantial experiential components. Take advantage of field consulting, helping local businesses and organizations with real-world problems as part of a small team. Or, in field study, student teams problem-solve for prestigious host organizations (in some cases, an international assignment). Teams have been assigned to projects  in New York City, Boston, Memphis, Chicago, Zurich, Belgium, London, Hong Kong, and other desirable locations--a great opportunity to apply what you have learned in the 3/2 MBA program at Kelley.

Participate in the Capstone Competition. This week-long multidisciplinary business simulation involves all components of the Integrated Core. A perennial favorite, student teams compete against each other in an “industry” with the assistance of a faculty mentor. Playing the role of firm management, teams develop marketing, operations, financial, and information systems plans. Financial statements are audited by student audit teams. At week's end, results for each division are presented to a corporate board consisting of the integrated core faculty.

Earn your MBA and Law degree together. The 3/2 MBA and Law (JD) joint degree program saves time and money by combining two degrees into a four-year program. Five years would be required if the degrees are earned separately. 

Complete the exclusive CPA review course. At the end of your program, take advantage of a six-week Fast Pass CPA review course offered by Becker, the most trusted name in CPA review courses. This exclusive offer only for Kelley graduate accounting students, positions our graduates perfectly for the CPA exam following graduation.

With a nearly 100 percent employment rate (within 90 days of graduation), most of our graduates receive multiple job offers—you can choose the best starting position for your career. Our Graduate Career Services supports 3/2 MBA students in every aspect of the career search.