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Conference on Small Business Finance


Conference on Small Business Finance 

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The Kelley School of Business is co-sponsoring a research conference on small business finance that will be held at the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Germany, in December of 2012.  Professor Gregory F. Udell, a member of the KSB Finance Department and co-organizer of the conference, notes that the current financial crisis and recessions in Europe and the U.S. have significantly heightened interest in small business finance.  There is considerable concern among policymakers that small firms are vulnerable to a “funding gap” – the inability to obtain sufficient external funding to finance ongoing operations and invest in valuable new business opportunities.  Academic research on this subject indicates that this problem may be related to the opacity of small firms, and that this problem has become more acute during the crisis.  This conference is designed to bring researchers together to explore these and related issues about small firm finance.  Academics have been invited to submit papers on these topics (see the related “Call for Papers”).  The conference program will be organized around papers selected from these submissions.  KSB will be co-sponsoring the conference with:  CEPR, the leading European economic think tank; the Review of Finance (RoF), a leading academic finance journal; and, the ECB.  Professor Udell is co-organizing the conference with Professor Steven Ongena of Tilburg University and CEPR, and Dr. Alexander Popov, research economist at the ECB.