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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Programs

1960 Notable

From 1960-2013, we prepared nearly 1,200 men and women
for rewarding academic careers — that’s more than any other university.

Student Profiles


Our main goal for doctoral students is to prepare them to create and disseminate research—not just after graduation but during their studies. We encourage all students to “apprentice” with faculty members to conduct research that gets published in leading business journals and is presented at conferences. Increasingly, landing jobs at top research universities requires publication prior to graduation, and Kelley students are making the grade.   

View our students’ current research:

  • 2016

  • Joo, Harry
    “Using meta-analytic structural equation modeling to advance strategic management research: Guidelines and an empirical illustration via the strategic leadership-performance relationship,” forthcoming Strategic Management Journal

  • Field, J. G.
    “HARKing’s threat to organizational research: Evidence from primary and meta-analytic sources,” forthcoming Personnel Psychology

  • 2015

  • Joo, Harry
    “Debunking myths and urban legends about how to identify influential outliers,” More statistical and methodological myths and urban legends

  • Joo, Harry
    “Cumulative advantage: Conductors and insulators of heavy-tailed productivity distributions and productivity stars,” forthcoming Personnel Psychology

  • Mao, Yifei and Brian Wolfe
    Does Banking Competition Affect Innovation?,” Journal of Financial Economics

  • Craig, Amanda N.
    “Using BITs To Protect Bytes: Promoting Cyber Peace and Safeguarding Trade Secrets through Bilateral Investment Treaties,” American Business Law Journal

  • 2014

  • Bradley, Kyle J.
    “Best-practice recommendations for designing and implementing experimental vignette methodology studies,” Organizational Research Methods

  • Bradley, Kyle J
    “Industrial-Organizational psychologists in business schools: Brain drain or eye opener?,” Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice

  • Joo, Harry
    “Research on Hispanics benefits the field of management,” Journal of Managerial Psychology

  • Ye, S.
    Shelf Loathing: Cross Docking at an Online Retailer,” Production and Operations Management

  • Guo, S.
    Dismantle or Remanufacture?,” European Journal of Operational Research

  • Guo, S.
    Dismantle or Remanufacture?,” European Journal of Operational Research

  • Olsen, Mitchell C.
    “Green Claims and Message Frames: How Green New Products Change Brand Attitude,” Journal of Marketing