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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Programs

1960 Notable

From 1960-2013, we prepared nearly 1,200 men and women
for rewarding academic careers ó thatís more than any other university.

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Doctoral Student Association

The Doctoral Student Association (DSA) is a student-led organization that promotes social activities for the doctoral students enrolled in the Kelley School of Business. The DSA gives graduate students a chance to take a break from their studies and socialize with their colleagues at parties, sports activities, and other get-togethers. In other words, the DSA is an attempt to lighten (or at least distract from) the otherwise all-consuming demands of academia.

Special Events

Once or twice per month, the DSA organizes and hosts a social event for Kelley doctoral students, families, and faculty members to mingle and have fun. We encourage members to bring along loved ones to our events. We know how difficult the work/life balance can be, so we want DSA events to be an opportunity for members to bring both worlds together. Faculty is always welcome to attend DSA events—and they often do.

Past events have included activities like:

  • picnicking at one of the Bloomington city parks
  • attending and tailgating for a home Indiana University football game
  • socializing at a local Bloomington bar during happy hour
  • participating in intramural sports
  • watching sporting events on a “big screen” in one of the graduate classrooms
  • playing 18-holes of golf
  • going to the movies

The DSA social events are chosen and designed with the Kelley School Business doctoral student and his/her family in mind. Therefore, if you are a Kelley doctoral student and have a great idea for a DSA social event, then please e-mail one of your DSA officers with the idea. They would love to hear it!