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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Programs


Mary Billings phd'07

Assistant Professor
Stern School of Business
New York University

Mary Billings’ Kelley doctoral degree literally made her dreams come true. “After I presented my job market paper in one of the Department of Accounting's Friday workshops, my advisor Jim Wahlen told me to think big. Then, he asked me to name my dream destination. Without hesitation, I said, ‘I'm thinking NYU.’ I followed my response with a laugh. Could I be more thrilled to be here at NYU in New York City? It's hard to imagine.”

Areas of Study


The Kelley School is an accounting powerhouse—consistently ranking in the top 10 among graduate accounting programs, according to the Public Accounting Report.

We offer two paths of study:

  • Empirical archival/capital markets focuses on the role of accounting information and auditing in the capital markets.
  • Experimental/behavioral focuses on how individuals use and are influenced by accounting information in decision making.

Our accounting doctoral students benefit from our faculty members’ vast expertise on the subject as well as from our amazing resources. Kelley accounting faculty members have served as senior editors and on the editorial boards of prestigious accounting journals, and are frequently published in leading journals such as The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, and Contemporary Accounting Research. Our numerous database subscriptions provide information about public companies and accounting firms, financial statements, stock prices, analyst forecasts, international markets, and more.

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