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Kelley School of Business Intensive Writing Requirement

Strong writing and revision skills are foundational to success in business. For this reason, the Kelley School of Business requires all undergraduates to complete at least one Intensive Writing (IW) course in order to graduate with a Kelley degree. KSB IW courses offer students the unique opportunity to draft and improve a range of business-specific documents, in the vocabularies of the business world, with professional outcomes. As a result, students are prepared not only to excel in subsequent Kelley coursework, but they also gain a distinct competitive advantage as they enter the workforce and begin their chosen careers.

What defines a Kelley School of Business “Intensive Writing” Course?

KSB IW courses are built from the concept that student writing improves through strong teaching, regular practice, and continual rigorous feedback. Therefore, Kelley’s IW courses, which are worth three-credits and listed at the 200-level or higher, are taught by full-time Kelley School of Business faculty and are capped in enrollment in order to ensure high student-teacher contact. Each undergraduate in a KSB IW course will have ample opportunity to develop his or her writing skills. Students will individually write at least 5,000 words (not including rough drafts) over the course of a semester, and this extensive composition will usually be supplemented with team writing activities. Students will receive specific instructor feedback, which will involve attention to content, organization, style, and grammar appropriate to a given document. Because revision is key to the development of strong writing, students will be required to revise at least one drafted assignment for a grade.

C204 or C205 “Business Communication” fulfills the KSB IW requirement, as does any Kelley course designated as “IW” on the IU Registrar’s website. Kelley intensive writing courses are open to all Indiana University students.