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Indiana Life Sciences Collaboration Conferences Series

Biological and Physiological Differences Across the Population: Implications for Research & Development Along the Life Sciences Value Chain

November 16, 2007
Bloomington, Indiana
Cook Medical World Headquarters
Cook Medical
Indiana University College of Arts & Sciences
Indiana University School of Medicine
The Methodist Medical Center of Illinois
Bloomington Life Sciences Partnership
Sommer Barnard PC

It is becoming increasingly apparent that biological and physiological differences among all of us are important factors impacting disease incidence. Sex, age, ethnicity, and race affect both the onset and the solutions to many diseases. This is the premise for the November 16, 2007 Indiana Life Sciences Collaboration Conference Series event to be hosted by Cook Medical in Bloomington, Indiana. What this means for Indiana is that life sciences organizations from our research universities to our pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, must take these variations into account in research and development in order to optimize diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.