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Indiana University Bloomington


Moving Expenses

Note that original receipts are required for reimbursement of all items.

Expenses that are considered Non-Taxable are:

  • Transportation of household goods and personal effects from prior residence to new residence, including cost of packing, shipping and unloading. Note that “unpacking” services offered by some moving companies do not qualify as non-taxable expenses.
  • Transportation expenses - Limit of one trip for each family member. Family members do not have to travel at the same time. This can include items such as airfare, auto rental, transportation by personal car (can claim gasoline or mileage-*note: Mileage reimbursements for moving purposes will be given at a flat fee of $.23 per mile.  There is no mileage limit.), parking and toll charges.
  • Lodging while traveling from old residence to new residence (can pay only 1 night of lodging in Bloomington).

Expenses that are considered Taxable compensation:

  • Storage and related expenses.
  • Meals consumed during time of travel.
  • Expenses for the purpose of looking for a new residence (house hunting).
  • Temporary living expenses in the new location.
  • Travel expenses related to side-trips or vacation stops in route to new residence.

IU has obtained substantial discounts with the following moving companies. Please use this form to request quotes or more information  After submitting this form, the individual relocating will receive quotes from these companies.  Once a contractor has been selected, all quotes and a requisition will be submitted to the IU Purchasing department.

A purchase order can be issued to the moving company in advance of the move, up to the specified moving allowance. Any amount owed to the moving company over the allowance amount, will be due from the individual on the day of the move.