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Indiana University Bloomington

Business Law

Joshua Perry

Joshua Perry

Contact Information

(812) 855-9308
joshperr [at] indiana [dot] edu (E-mail)
Business School

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  • Associate Professor of Business Law and Ethics
  • W. Michael & William D. Wells Life Sciences Faculty Fellow
  • Research Coordinator, Center for the Business of Life Sciences


  • Bloomington


  • JD, Vanderbilt University Law School, 2002
  • MTS, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, 2002
  • BA, Lipscomb University, 1997

Professional Experience

  • Business litigation associate, 2002-2004

Awards, Honors & Certifications

  • Recipient, Distinguished Junior Faculty Award (the ALSB's most prestigious recognition of outstanding early career achievement) - Academy of Legal Studies in Business (2013)
  • Recipient, Ralph C. Hoeber Memorial Award (recognizing the most outstanding article in volume 49) - American Business Law Journal (2012)
  • Recipient, Virginia Maurer Ethics Paper Award - Academy of Legal Studies in Business (2011)
  • Recipient, Best Published Life Sciences Paper Award - Center for the Business of Life Sciences, Kelley School of Business (2009)
  • Invited Contributor, 14th Huber Hurst Research Seminar in Law, Legal Studies, and Ethics sponsored by The Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida (2012)
  • Invited Contributor, Inaugural American Business Law Journal Invited Scholars Colloquium (2010)
  • Recipient, IU Office of the Vice Provost for Research Grant, funding a research seminar entitled "Turning Pro: The University, the Workplace, and the Changing Role of Professionalism" (2012-2013)
  • Nominee, Harry C. Sauvain Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching (2013)
  • Recipient, Trustees' Teaching Award (2010)
  • Nominee, Trustees' Teaching Award (2009, 2010)
  • Nominee, Student Choice Award for Outstanding IU (Bloomington) Faculty Member (2009, 2012)
  • Recipient, Jesse Fine Fellowship in Practical Ethics (2013)
  • Recipient, IU Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) Writing Program Summer Writing-Teaching Grant, funding the incorporation of writing into "Critical Thought & Practical Wisdom" (2013)

Professional Interests

Legal, ethical, and policy issues in healthcare, the life sciences, and the business of medicine. Moral decision making and critical thinking.

Personal Interests

Camping, hiking, cycling, music, politics, pop culture.


Professor Perry received his Bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, in American Studies from Lipscomb University in 1997. In 2002, he graduated from Vanderbilt University’s joint law-divinity program, receiving a Masters of Theological Studies from the Divinity School, where his program concentrated on ethics, and the Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Law School, where he received numerous awards and served as the Senior Articles Editor of the VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW. Prior to joining the Kelley School faculty, Professor Perry taught undergraduates and graduate/professional students, and even high school students at Vanderbilt University where he designed and taught a variety of courses exploring legal and ethical issues in the School of Medicine, Law School, College of Arts and Science, and Summer Academy for Gifted Education. In addition to classroom teaching, at Vanderbilt Perry also served as a member of the Clinical Ethics Consultation Service for the adult and children’s hospitals and as a member of the Medical Center’s Ethics Committee. He also mentored medical students in the Law & Policy area of the medical school’s Emphasis Program. A frequent speaker to a variety of local, national, and international audiences on issues at the intersection of law, medicine, and ethics, Professor Perry’s research explores the economic and business factors that contribute to the tensions between personal and professional values in the lives of professionals and in their moral decision making, as well as public policy “biopolitical” and life science issues arising in dilemmas where legal, medical, ethical, and religious issues intersect.

Selected Publications

  • Perry, Joshua E. (2015), "The People’s NIH? Ethical and Legal Concerns in Crowdfunded Biomedical Research," Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, and Public Policy, (forthcoming 2015) (invited contribution to Symposium issue)

  • Perry, Joshua E., Dena Cox, & Anthony D. Cox (2014), "Trust and Transparency: Patient Perceptions of Physicians’ Financial Relationships with Pharmaceutical Companies," 42 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 475-491

  • Bishop, Jeffrey, Joshua E. Perry, and Amanda Hine (2014), "Efficient, Compassionate, and Fractured: Contemporary Care in the ICU," 44 The Hastings Center Report, 35-43.

  • Perry, Joshua E., (2013), "Before the Mandate: Cultivating an Organizational Culture of Trust and Integrity," American Journal of Bioethics, September, 42-44.

  • Perry, Joshua E., Anthony D. Cox, and Dena Cox (2013), "Direct-to Consumer Drug Advertisements and the Informed Patient: A Legal, Ethical, and Content Analysis, American Business Law Journal, 50(4): 729-778.

  • Perry, Joshua E. (2012), "Physician-Owned Specialty Hospitals and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Health Care Reform at the Intersection of Law and Ethics," American Business Law Journal, Vol. 49, No. 2, June, pp. 369-417.  

  • Perry, Joshua E. and Jamie D. Prenkert (2012), "Charting a Course to Effective Business Education: Lessons from Academically Adrift and Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education," Journal of Legal Studies Education, Vol. 29, No. 1, Winter/Spring, pp. 127–143. 

  • Perry, Joshua E. (2011), "Managing Moral Distress: A Strategy for Resolving Ethical Dilemmas," Business Horizons, Vol. 54, pp. 393-397. 

  • Perry, Joshua E. and Robert Stone (2011), "In the Business of Dying: Questioning the Commercialization of Hospice,"  Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vol. 39, pp. 224-234. 

  • Perry, Joshua E., Jeffrey Bishop, Kyle Brothers, and Ayesha Ahmad (2010), "Revisiting CPR/DNR: Have the Policies Outlived Their Utility?," 10 American Journal of Bioethics 61-67.

  • Perry, Joshua E., and Jeffrey Bishop (2010), "Life, Death (Panels), and the Body Politic, 61 Syracuse Law Review 25-48.
  • Perry, Joshua E. (2010), "The Ethical Costs of Commercializing the Professions: First-Person Narratives From the Legal and Medical Trenches," University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Social Change, Vol. 13, pp. 169-201.

  • Perry, Joshua E. (2010), "A Missed Opportunity: Health Care Reform, Rhetoric, Ethics, and Economics at the End of Life," Mississippi College Law Review, Vol. 29, pp. 409-426.  

  • Perry, Joshua E. (2010), "An Obituary for Physician-Owned, Specialty Hospitals," The Health Lawyer, Vol. 23, pp. 24-34.

  • Perry, Joshua E., Ilene Moore, Bruce Barry, Ellen Wright Clayton, and Amanda Carrico (2009), "The Ethical Health Lawyer: An Empirical Assessment of Moral Decision Making," Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vol. 37, pp. 461-475.
  • Perry, Joshua E. and Kyle L. Galbraith (2009), "Saturday Morning in the Clinic," The Hastings Center Report, Vol. 39, September-October, pp. 24-26.
  • Perry, Joshua E. (2008), "Thinking Like a Professional," Journal of Legal Education, Vol. 58, pp. 159-165.

  • Perry, Joshua E. (2007), "Biopolitics at the Bedside: Proxy Wars and Feeding Tubes," Journal of Legal Medicine, Vol. 28, June, pp. 171-192.

  • Perry, Joshua E. (2006), "Biblical BioPolitics:  Judicial Process, Religious Rhetoric, Terri Schiavo and Beyond," Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 553-630.

  • Perry, Joshua E., Larry Churchill, and Howard Kirshner (2005), "The Terri Schiavo Case:  Legal, Ethical and Medical Perspectives," Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol. 143, pp. 744-748. Reprinted in Nancy S. Jecker, Albert R. Jonsen, and Robert A. Pearlman (eds.) (2007), Bioethics: Introduction to History, Methods, and Practice (2nd Edition)