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Indiana University Bloomington


The Perfect Match: Investment Banking and a Worldly Perspective

Katie Roberts BS'06

Analyst, Lincoln International

Chicago, Illinois
Katie Roberts

I liked that my majors combined very advanced quantitative classes with heavily research-oriented writing classes.This well-rounded knowledge set is suited to working in a middle market investment bank like Lincoln International, where the analyst is not only responsible for financial analyses, but also for conducting research and creating the written documents used in transaction processes.

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Katie Roberts wanted to start her career with an exciting and fast-growing firm, in a position where she could use her knowledge from her favorite business classes on a daily basis. As an analyst at Lincoln International, she’s found the perfect match. Not only is her background in economics and finance well-suited to the middle market investment bank, but she has also had the opportunity to spend nine months in Lincoln's Frankfurt, Madrid, and London offices.

In these international settings, Roberts’ Spanish minor and prior study abroad experience have been the perfect complement to her business background. She first went to Frankfurt through Lincoln's analyst exchange program. “Since I speak Spanish, I then moved to the Madrid office and helped train the analysts and organize the opening event,” she says. “In London, I was involved in all the typical analyst activities—pitching and execution—but also training, meeting with private equity groups, and helping to implement ‘best practices’ given my experience at so many other offices.”

Her workload certainly keeps her busy. “Nothing is too typical from day-to-day,” Roberts says. “Some days I’ll spend almost all my time doing industry or company research, and the next day I could be working on a model all day for a different deal.” In addition to these tasks, she’s responsible for making PowerPoint presentations, creating buyer/target lists, various recruiting and training tasks, and more.

Although she always planned to study business, Roberts didn’t consider investment banking until her junior year. “One of my favorite professors said to me that he thought I should consider investment banking,” she says. “I said ‘No way.’ But I realized that I knew nothing about it other than the sometimes 100-hour work weeks, and I actually thought it could be something I would want to do.” She relied on the support of her professors to help make her decision. “They had plenty of questions and advice—and time and willingness—to help me figure out where my career path would start,” she says. “This was invaluable, and I owe thanks to them for helping me get where I am today.”

In Brief

The I-Core experience: “My best semester was I-Core. It’s more or less the first exposure to actual business classes after two solid years of prerequisites and introductory classes. Everybody generally goes into the semester completely terrified, but it’s actually quite laidback. I liked the competitive edge, too—a cash prize was offered for the top student overall and top student for each of the four subjects. I won a couple hundred dollars for being the top finance student.”

Favorite BEPP professor:Andreas Hauskrecht. Besides the fact that he is an expert on the subject matter, his teaching style was also very refreshing. Andreas was completely and publicly unforgiving when it came to two things: sleeping in class and being unprepared. This kept me interested and on my toes at all times! I learned a lot from his class. Outside of class, he was very generous with his time and helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my career.”

What I miss most about Bloomington: “Having nearly all my friends in the same city! I think I took for granted how nice it was just to go to Nick’s with my roommates and randomly run into so many friends from class, work, and friends of friends. Everyone is scattered across the country or world now.”

Favorite Bloomington restaurants: Domo Japanese Restaurant, Siam House, and Scotty’s Brewhouse

Published April 11, 2011