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Indiana University Bloomington


Global Reputation

Our international faculty members have held positions as government advisors, members of supranational organizations, and leaders of international corporations.

Doctoral Program

Degree Requirements

The Indiana University Graduate School requires 90 graduate hours for a PhD with a maximum of 30 hours transferred from other programs. In addition to coursework, all Business Economics and Public Policy majors are required to attend the department's weekly workshop series.

Teaching Responsibilities
Students appointed as AIs can generally expect to be assigned as an assistant in G300 for one semester, have a research assignment for a minimum of three semesters, and teach G300, or another course, for the remaining semesters.

Faculty Mentor
In the spring semester of the second year of the program, each student will be assigned to a BEPP faculty member who will act as a mentor and supervise the student’s education throughout the program. 

A. Program Structure

Incoming students with a major in Business Economics and Public Policy consult with department faculty to arrange an individualized study program based on their background and research interests. Standard courses offered by our department that most students are expected to take include G651 Econometrics, G750 Economic Modeling, G751 Game Theory, G752 Information Economics, G753 Agency Theory, G754 Structural Econometrics, and G798 Current Research in Industrial Organization and Business Strategy. In addition most students will take courses from the economics department including E521 Theory of Pricing & Markets 1, E522 Macroeconomic Theory, E621 Theory of Pricing & Markets 2, E671 Econometrics 1, and E673 Topics in Statistics. Finally students are expected to take X630 Teaching Development as well courses in their minor field of study (e.g., marketing, finance, management, etc.) from another department in the business school.

B. Research

Each student is expected to complete a research project, under a faculty mentor’s supervision, during the summer after the second year. This research will culminate in a paper that must be presented at a departmental seminar and accepted by the BEPP faculty in the fall semester of the student’s third year. If the paper is unacceptable, the student will be required to revise the paper and present it again by the end of the spring semester of his or her third year.

C. Qualifying Exam

Students who do not obtain a 3.5 average in their first year econometrics courses will be required to take a written qualifying examination in econometrics during the summer after the first year.

At the end of the summer after the second year, students are required to take qualifying examinations that cover material from G750-G754 as well as general microeconomic theory. An oral exam may also be required if the examination committee believes additional evidence of competency is necessary. A student who fails a qualifying examination may elect to retake the examination. A second failure will result in dismissal from the program

D. Thesis

Before formally defending a dissertation proposal, all students are required to present a pre-proposal seminar at the regular departmental seminar. It is expected that the pre-proposal seminar will take place in the fall semester of a student's fourth year. The dissertation proposal should be substantive enough to contain a research paper suitable for job placement.