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V E R O N I K A   K R E P E L Y   P O O L

Associate Professor of Finance

ArcelorMittal Finance Faculty Fellow

Indiana University

1309 E. Tenth Street

Bloomington, IN 47405

Phone: 812.855.9714

Fax: 812.855.5875

Email: _vkpool at indiana..eduu





    PhD in Finance, Vanderbilt University, 2006

        (co-chairs: Hans Stoll and Clifford Ball)




 :: The People in Your Neighborhood: Social Interactions and Mutual Fund Portfolios (with Noah Stoffman and Scott Yonker, Journal of Finance, forthcoming)

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 :: Conflicting Family Values in Mutual Fund Families (with Utpal Bhattacharya and Jung Hoon Lee, Journal of Finance 68, 173-200, 2013) 

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 :: Suspicious Patterns in Hedge Fund Returns and the Risk of Fraud (with Nick Bollen, Review of Financial Studies 25, 2673-2702, 2012) 

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 :: No Place Like Home: Familiarity in Mutual Fund Manager Portfolio Choice (with Noah Stoffman and Scott Yonker, Review of Financial Studies 25, 2563-2599, 2012)  

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 :: Do Hedge Fund Managers Misreport Returns? Evidence from the Pooled Distribution (with Nick Bollen, Journal of Finance 64, p. 2257-2288, 2009)

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 :: Conditional Return Smoothing in the Hedge Fund Industry (with Nick Bollen, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 43, p. 267-298, 2008 (lead article))   

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 :: Failure to Exercise Call Options: An Anomaly and a Trading Game (with Hans Stoll and Robert Whaley, Journal of Financial Markets 11, p. 1-35, 2008 (lead article)) 

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 :: It Pays to Set the Menu: Mutual Fund Investment Options in 401(k) Plans  (with Clemens Sialm and Irina Stefanescu)

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 :: Corporate Scandal, Director Reputation, and Shareholder Value: Ex-post Settling up, Spillover, and Distraction (with Fei Xie and Cong Wang

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     :: Wall Street Journal: PRICING TACTICS OF HEDGE FUNDS UNDER SPOTLIGHT by D. Reilly and G. Zuckerman

    :: Forbes: MONTHLY MIRACLES by Daniel Fisher

    :: Financial Times: SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND by Linda Anderson

    :: The Economist: HEDGE FUND NUMBERS, Buttonwood



American Finance Association (AFA) Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 2014

CFEA 2013 Conference at UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, 2013

NBER - Personal Retirement Challenges, Boston, MA, 2013

Arizona State University, invited seminar, 2013

European Finance Association (EFA) Meeting (discussant), Cambridge, England, 2013

Conference on Recent Advances in Mutual Fund Research, Berlin, Germany, 2013

China International Conference in Finance (session chair), Shanghai, China, 2013

FIRS Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2013

SFS Cavalcade, Miami, FL, 2013

University of Missouri at Columbia, invited seminar, 2013

McMaster University, Canada, invited seminar, 2013

University of Alabama, invited seminar, 2013

American Economic Association (AEA) Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2013

Conference on Retirement Research, Nova Business School, Lisbon, Portugal, 2012

Michigan State FCU Conference, East Lansing, MI, 2012

European Finance Association (EFA) Meeting (session chair & discussant), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012

Western Finance Association Meeting (WFA) (session chair), Las Vegas, NV, 2012

Early Career Women in Finance, Las Vegas, NV, 2012

People and Money, DePaul Behavioral Mini-Conference, Chicago, IL, 2012

ICI and AIM Investment Center Conference, University of Texas at Austin, TX, 2011

Fidelity (Annual Quant Meeting), Boston, MA, 2011

Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden, invited seminar, 2011

FIRS Conference, Sydney, Australia, 2011

Texas Christian University, invited seminar, 2011

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, invited seminar, 2010

IU-Notre Dame-Purdue Finance Symposium, 2010

Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary, invited seminar, 2010

Virgina Tech, invited seminar, 2010

Penn State University, invited seminar, 2009

Chinese University of Hong Kong, invited seminar, 2009

Hong Kong University, invited seminar, 2009

Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, invited seminar, 2009

Washington University at St. Louis, invited seminar, 2008

Western Finance Association (WFA), Waikoloa, Hawaii, 2008

Frank Batten Young Scholars Conference, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, 2008

IU-Notre Dame-Purdue Finance Symposium, 2007

Western Finance Association (WFA), Keystone, Colorado, 2006

Frank Batten Young Scholars Conference, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, 2006

Indiana University, invited seminar, 2006

University of Arizona, invited seminar, 2006

University of Kentucky, invited seminar, 2006

Clemson University, invited seminar, 2006

Miami University, invited seminar, 2005

Doctoral Consortium, Financial Management Association, 2005        




          Netspar Research Grant (with Clemens Sialm and Irina Stefanescu), 2010

    3M Junior Faculty Fellowship, Indiana University, 2008, 2009, 2010

    NYSE travel award for the Western Finance Association Meeting, 2006

    Invited Participant and Presenter, Doctoral Consortium, FMA, 2004, 2005

    Dissertation Enhancement Award, 2005

    Owen Graduate Fellowship/Stipend and Tuition Award, 2000-2005

    Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Graduate Scholarship Award, 2000-2004




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