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Indiana University Bloomington

About TMI

The Trockman Microfinance Initiative (TMI) was founded in November 2007 by Neil Shah and Billy Bennett, both recent graduates of the Kelley School of Business.  The original purpose of the organization was to create an opportunity for students to learn about microfinance by actively collaborating with microfinance institutions (MFIs) and providing free consulting services to them,  However, as TMI has grown quickly since its foundation, its purpose has evolved into a more general one:  through TMI, students will have the ability to learn about microfinance from both technical and applied perspectives and will also be able to apply the skills they have learned at Indiana University to a humanitarian effort.  We hope to raise awareness and promote discussion on the topic of microfinance in the IU community as well.

The distinctive organizational structure of TMI is critical to its success and optimal functioning. All members are encouraged and expected to contribute equally, and ideas flow freely throughout the organization.  Although members’ primary responsibilities are to their team, they are free to work on any and all projects in TMI they find interesting and not bound to devoting their time to just one task.

Our vision is for TMI to provide a lasting and distinctive learning opportunity for bright students through the application of their learned skills to the developing world.  Passionate, high-caliber college students can truly make a difference, and we hope TMI will remain a vehicle for such students to contribute to the global fight against poverty.