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Indiana University Bloomington

About TMC

TMC is Kelley School of Business's premier technology club. Our primary objectives are to explore trending technologies, build leadership skills, and develop professionally. We accomplish our objectives through:

  • Social activities
  • Guest speakers
  • Networking events
  • Interactive learning seminars
  • Community service activities
  • Educational field-trips

Our total active members increased by 5x during the 2010-11 school year. We continue to grow, just like the business technology industry. We encourage anyone with an interest in technology to join.

Executive Directors (Click to Expand)

John French

John French

Year: Senior
As President, I facilitate communication between the executive board and club members. I have been a member of TMC since my freshman year and have held several leadership positions over this time. If you see me at an event, feel free to come introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have about our club.

Phil Lapid

Phil Lapid
Vice President

Year: Junior
I assist our club president in all operational and internal duties as well as coordinate marketing activities. My role allows the group to function in a more cohesive way.

Ancee Liu

Ancee Liu
Professional Chair

Year: Junior
I help maintain the relationship with our recruiters and partners. Professional events being a big part of TMC's event calendar, include information sessions, workshops, and alumni networking. The goal is to give TMC members opportunities to learn and network with companies from a variety of industries, and prepare them for upcoming interviews, internships, and post-graduation careers.

Blake Hinshaw

Blake Hinshaw
Committee Overseer

Year: Junior
My role as committee overseer involves the facilitation of communication between the executive board and the committee directors. I provide committee directors with the resources they need to host awesome events for the club and help the executive committee with overall strategy.

Nicole Jamison

Nicole Jamison
Operations and Finance Director

Year: Junior
As treasurer, I oversee the budget and basic operations of the club. My experience in TMC has given me skills that I have been able to apply not only to my coursework, but to my internships as well. Through TMC I have been given the opportunity to grow as a professional and as an individual. 

Committee Directors (Click to Expand)

Kaiyu Yang
Director of Internal Development

The Internal Development Committee organizes events to prepare members for the job searching process. This includes resumé workshops interview practice, and more. The committee also works to build relationships among TMC's current members.

Sanging Sun
Director of Outreach

I help club members gain real world experience while reaching out to the community.  I will organize events that will help the members understand the needs of local businesses and build relationships with individuals.

Tori Rigatos
Director of Social

The Social Committee will host events to build relationships between TMC members. Events will be casual and focused on providing an environment for TMC members to better know each other.

Jacob Holdeman
Director of Hardware

The Hardware Committee organizes events with the goal of helping members become familiar with trends in business technology. The committee feels it is important to prepare members for potential careers in technology management by exposing them to skills, technologies, trends and methodologies they will see when starting an internship or career.

Steve Ma
Director of Software

The Software Committee organizes events with the goal of helping members gain the technical skills required to pursue a career in business, particularly one related to technology management. These events will involve learning about a range of technologies, from the low-level aspects of computers to programming with python and organizing data with XML or SQL.

Shirley Wu
Director of Web and Media

The Web and Media Committee creates and updates TMC's web content and social media sites. Board members take pictures at club events to add to Facebook account. They also perform additional updates of the website as needed.