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Indiana University Bloomington

Knowledge Sharing

Uses for SETs

  • Teaching Assessment
  • Teaching Awards
  • Improving Teaching
  • Administrative

SET Reports

Welcome to the on-line reporting site of student evaluations of teaching (SETs) at the Kelley School of Business.

For all instructors:

After authenticating your access through the central authenticating service (CAS), you will be able to access your SET summary sheets, which will be sorted by semester. Here also will be links to the cumulative reports, summarizing the schoolwide statistics for the semester immediately past and for the past four semesters. Finally, under the archive button, you will be able to access cumulative reports from semesters past.

For deans and program and department chairs:

In addition to the data above, administrators will have access to complete SETs information pertaining to those instructors who teach in their area, department, or program. This information will arrive in an Excel spreadsheet with ample identifiers for easy sorting. Also available to administrators will be the department by department breakdown (old Report A) to enable useful comparisons.

To view your authorized SET Reports, follow this link:

Data available through: Fall 2014
Kelley Direct: Winter 2014