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Indiana University Bloomington

About Us

SCOMA, the Supply Chain and Operations Management Association, is a Kelley organization that offers students a chance to explore Supply Chain Management and Operations Management opportunities.

Members are provided opportunities to gain knowledge and insight into the operations of a variety of industries. Site tours are available for students to tour distribution centers, production facilities, and warehouses. This year, the organization plans on visiting Staples, Target, Fedex, Toyota, and others.

SCOMA also strives to provide its members benefits by bringing companies to campus. In the past we have brought the VP of Retail for Exel, Dan McNutt, as well as professionals from firms such as Coyote Logistics, General Mills, Cummins, and several others. By bringing companies to campus, SCOMA provides its members opportunities to learn and network. It is our mission to provide members as many opportunities as possible to be meet and network with industry professionals.

By providing site tours, speakers from companies, and club involvement, SCOMA offers its members numerous opportunities to learn about operations and supply chain management. SCOMA is a growing organization, and takes an active approach in member professional development.

To learn more about SCOMA, or to be put on our email list, please contact