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Indiana University Bloomington

Current Initiatives

To us, Professionalism is marked by an identity or mindset that strives at all times and in all situations to be worthy of the trust that is placed in us by our peers, teachers, and the Kelley School as well as by our future employers, customers and clients, and society as a whole. To be a business professional means excelling in our work while adhering to high standards of honesty, accountability, and respect for ourselves and others.

Professionalism is characterized by the alignment of values, behaviors, and perceptions - an integrative approach to sustainable success. In other words, a professional’s personal brand attempts to harmonize who one is with what one does.

Necessarily, professionalism permeates the relationships we share with peers, both in a professional and casual atmosphere, and, ideally, should be a way of being that is never “turned off.” 

Thus, we believe that professionalism is not a code that is set in stone, rather it is an ideal we are each pursuing - an identity we are forming. We are becoming Kelley professionals, and this organization exists to promote and support this effort among current students, alumni, recruiters, and the broader IU community.