Phi Chi Theta

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Join Phi Chi Theta

Why Rush PCT?

Phi Chi Theta gives you the opportunity to become involved with professional and social activities outside of the classroom. Heading projects, planning events, organizing activities, and working within committees are just some of the ways to expand your skill base.

Gain Leadership Skills

As with any group, the success of Phi Chi Theta’s projects depends on its members. Leading a group or chairing a committee provides valuable leadership experience that employers admire. Our members have the opportunity to assume various amounts of responsibility and focus on projects that interest them.

Expand Your Working Qualifications

Because of Phi Chi Theta’s active role in the community, as an Active member you will be in contact with various employers and social groups. You may organize group events, manage a committee, set up a charity, or work on any number of other objectives. The skills developed as a Pledge translate very well into the business world.

Network with Other Motivated Students

Phi Chi Theta meetings and functions give you a chance to interact with peers who share similar interests, but bring a breath of diversity. This fraternity brings together motivated students to share experiences, contacts, and skills. Aside from professional events, this fraternity is a strong social network and fun group.

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