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Indiana University Bloomington

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Our first interaction with new and prospective members is during the Kelley Experience weekend held in April every year, where we spend the day together touring Bloomington and getting to know one another. We provide a Survival Guide about housing, life in Bloomington, potential employment opportunities, information about “Kelley Kids” and much more. 

The Kelley Partners Club keeps members updated through weekly emails and monthly newsletters announcing social events and activities sponsored by the Kelley School of Business MBA program. Partners and families are welcome at these events. It’s a wonderful way to meet and interact with other partners and students in the program. 

Throughout the year the Kelley Partners Club offers something for everyone! Here are some current examples of opportunities offered each month:

  • Book Club – This year, we chose books that have been made into movies, that way we can get together to discuss the book and then watch the movie (for those of us who don’t have time to finish…or even begin…the book.)
  • Class Night – Many of our Partners have special talents and are willing to share their knowledge; it makes for a fun night of learning new things!
  • Restaurant Night– There are so many unique restaurants around town that we like trying new ones each month. It’s a great way to try new food while catching up and relaxing.
  • Healthy Living– We explore fun group exercises like hiking, yoga, running and Zumba! 
  • Volunteering – Each month we plan events, which give back to the community.  Also, every month we volunteer at a local Food Bank. 
  • Movie Night– Once a month, grab a bag of popcorn and some gummy bears to join other partners at the local movie theater or someone’s home.
  • Kelley Kids Playgroup – It’s not just the grown-ups that get to have all the fun. Bring the kids to different members’ houses to let them play while you connect with other Kelley moms who have to juggle a business school student and kids in the same house.
  • Special Events – The KPC plans many exciting events throughout the year. Some of these events include: a Halloween Party, a Holiday Party, Family Bowling Night, and many more!