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Kelley Direct Programs
1275 E. Tenth St., Suite 3100
Bloomington, IN 47405
(877) 785-4713
Fax (812) 855-2001

Technical Support
(866) 260-1702

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Phil Powell
Faculty Chairperson, Kelley Direct Programs
Terrill Cosgray Terrill Cosgray
Executive Director, Kelley Direct Programs
Erin Kilbride-Vincent Erin Kilbride-Vincent
Director of Admissions & Student Services
Admissions & Recruiting
Lindsey Spoonmore Lindsey Spoonmore
Associate Director of Recruiting
Christy Deykes
Associate Director of Recruiting
Eric Spoonmore
Associate Director of Enrollment Management
Pathik Bhatt
Associate Director of Interactive Recruiting
Kathy Lantz Kathy Lantz
Admissions Coordinator
Donna Kadel
Admissions Coordinator
Wendy Whitaker
Admissions Services Coordinator
Student Services
Christi Walton
Associate Director of Student Engagement/Advisor
Donna Armbruester Donna Armbruester
Assistant Director of Student Services
Gina Bethel Gina Bethel
Student Services Specialist
Jane Sears Jane Sears
Student Services Administrator
Roberta Aubin
Special Events Coordinator
Suzi Evans Suzi Evans
Data Coordinator
Mary Rooks
Office Coordinator

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