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Indiana University Bloomington

Kelley Direct Programs

Staff Listing

Kelley Direct Programs
1275 E. Tenth St., Suite 3100
Bloomington, IN 47405
(877) 785-4713
Fax (812) 855-2001
kdirect [at] indiana [dot] edu

Technical Support
(866) 260-1702
kdhelp [at] indiana [dot] edu

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Phil Powell
phpowell [at] indiana [dot] edu
Faculty Chairperson, Kelley Direct Programs
Terrill Cosgray Terrill Cosgray
tcosgray [at] indiana [dot] edu
Executive Director, Kelley Direct Programs
Erin Kilbride-Vincent Erin Kilbride-Vincent
ekilbrid [at] indiana [dot] edu
Director of Admissions & Student Services
Admissions & Recruiting
Lindsey Spoonmore Lindsey Spoonmore
lspoonmo [at] indiana [dot] edu
Associate Director of Recruiting
Christy Deykes
cddonald [at] indiana [dot] edu
Associate Director of Recruiting
Eric Spoonmore
espoonmo [at] indiana [dot] edu
Associate Director of Enrollment Management
Pathik Bhatt
phbhatt [at] indiana [dot] edu
Associate Director of Interactive Recruiting
Kathy Lantz Kathy Lantz
katlantz [at] indiana [dot] edu
Admissions Coordinator
Donna Kadel
kruegerd [at] indiana [dot] edu
Admissions Coordinator
Wendy Whitaker
wlwhitak [at] indiana [dot] edu
Admissions Services Coordinator
Student Services
Christi Nunley
cnunley2 [at] indiana [dot] edu
Associate Director of Student Engagement/Advisor
Donna Armbruester Donna Armbruester
darmbrue [at] indiana [dot] edu
Assistant Director of Student Services
Gina Bethel Gina Bethel
vbethel [at] indiana [dot] edu
Student Services Specialist
Jane Sears Jane Sears
jaasears [at] indiana [dot] edu
Student Services Administrator
Roberta Aubin
raubin [at] indiana [dot] edu
Special Events Coordinator
Suzi Evans Suzi Evans
suevans [at] indiana [dot] edu
Data Coordinator
Mary Rooks
mrooks [at] indiana [dot] edu
Office Coordinator