Noah Stoffman
Assistant Professor of Finance
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University
Office: HH 6111
/ @stoffprof
Phone: +1 (812) 856-5664
Fax: +1 (812) 856-5611



Working papers

Curriculum Vitae

Code, data, and other tools

  • I have posted some SAS code to estimate regressions with Fama-Macbeth, clustered standard errors, or fixed effects in SAS. This code complements the Stata code available on Mitchell Petersen's Programming Advice page.
  • New patent data: The KPSS patent data (1926-2010) is at
  • SAS code to estimate spreads from daily high and low prices using the method developed by Corwin & Schultz (2011, Journal of Finance). Shane Corwin also has SAS code, sample data sets, and applications on his website.
  • SAS code to estimate PIN (as in Easley, Kiefer, O'Hara & Paperman, 1996, Journal of Finance).
  • This SAS macro calculates compound returns from CRSP data. You must be on the WRDS Unix server (or a server with similar file structure and access to CRSP data) for this to work.
  • This Perl script generates labels for records in a bibtex file. The script takes a .bib file and creates a unique label for each document by looking at the author names, journal, and year. This can be particularly useful if you're using the Active String feature in Winedt.


  • F335: Securities Trading and Market Making, Spring 2014. Course web site on Oncourse is available to registered students.
  • F625: Empirical Asset Pricing (PhD), Spring 2014. Course web site on Oncourse is available to registered students.


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  • Find out what people are using the internet for.

"The two greatest inventions of the human mind are writing and money—the common language of intelligence, and the common language of self-interest."  Victor Riqueti, marquis de Mirabeau