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Indiana University Bloomington


About Us

The undergraduate Net Impact chapter at Kelley strives to educate Indiana University students about sustainable careers and enterprises as well as provide opportunities and connections in the industry. Net Impact is a new generation of leaders who use our careers to tackle the world’s toughest problems. We put our business skills to work for good throughout every sector. By doing so, we show the world that it’s possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line, but people and planet too.

The Opportunity

All together, we spend about half our waking hours at work. Collectively, that’s more than 250 billion hours every year. In what’s left of our spare time, many of us volunteer – racking up just 3 billion hours annually. But what if we got to spend more of our working hours creating social and environmental good, instead of squeezing our impact into nights and weekends? We believe this shift is necessary to achieve a more sustainable world: and we’re here to demonstrate that people can make doing good an integral part of just aboutany job or career.

How Net Impact Can Help You

  • We’ll help you learn about the latest in sustainability, corporate responsibility, and social entrepreneurship, and then show you how your skills can be used towards a career for good.
  • We’ll connect you to people with fulfilling careers — in companies large and small, nonprofits, and social ventures — to share world-changing ideas and provide career insight.
  • We’ll help you lead change on your campus, or in your workplace or community, while developing crucial skills.

Visit Net Impact Central For more information.

Net Impact - Fall 2014