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Indiana University Bloomington

Speaker Series

Speaker Series Initiative is aimed at bringing dynamic speakers from sponsoring companies that will expose the Kelley student body to the value of diversity in an engaging and relevant manner. These speakers will help:

  1. Cultivate the diversity spirit in the future leaders of Corporate America. Students will benefit from the diversity awareness brought about by each speaker.
  2. Serve as a role model for undergraduate students about the importance of the diversity within the workforce, and this mindset begins at the undergrad level.
  3. Reinforce the message to students as to why diversity is crucial and needed in Corporate America.

The Speaker's Series will be comprised of four sessions. These would be open to any interested student in the mission of the Kelley School of Business Diversity Council (KSDC). A carefully selected representative from a sponsoring corporation would share his/her perspective and experience on diversity from a personal and/or professional point of view. The discussions should be dynamic, engaging and relevant to the undergraduate student body. For example, an interactive exercise would be recommended.

Below are some tentative themes that the KSDC leadership believes would be interesting and of the outmost importance to share with participants:

  • International Etiquette
  • The changing U.S. Marketplace
  • Leveraging diversity knowledge for career advancement
  • Faculty panel discussion

For specific Speaker Series dates please go to our calendar.