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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Consulting Workshop


“I am so thankful to have been part of the inaugural Consulting Workshop class. Without the workshop I doubt I would have found the company I currently work for, ZS Associates. ZS is exactly what I was looking for in terms of practice area expertise and company culture. Furthermore, I am confident that the training I received through the workshop provided me with a solid foundation for my consulting career, and I would highly recommend the workshop to any undergraduate seriously considering the industry.” —Kristen Olsen, Class of 2007, ZS Associates

“The Consulting Workshop gave me the opportunity to explore a multitude of possibilities. I was able to network and successfully obtain a career with my dream firm through the skills and preparation the consulting workshop provided.” —Stephanie Parido, Class of 2008, Teach for America and Deloitte Consulting

“The Kelley Consulting Workshop has opened more doors for me than I ever expected from such a young program. I attribute the success to spectacular faculty leadership, amazing networking opportunities, and above all else a group of students that work together for mutual success. I can say, without a doubt, that I would be in a much different place without the workshop.” —Scott Albin, Class of 2008, Diamond Consulting and Kelley MSIS Program

“The Consulting Workshop helped me become a better communicator and networker, two skills that greatly contributed to my success in finding my dream job in consulting.” —Madison Sunnquist, Class of 2008, Deloitte Consulting

“The Consulting Workshop has been an intense experience in the nature of problem solving. The key to success is not always about innate knowledge, but how a group can frame, develop, and implement in the business environment.” —Marc Uible, Class of 2009

“The curriculum and programs carried out by the Kelley Consulting Workshop continuously challenged and equipped me as a student who was transitioning into the professional arena. The skills and knowledge I gained throughout the experience were extremely rewarding and applicable regardless of which career path I decide to pursue later on.” —Rachel Wang, Class of 2009