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Indiana University Bloomington

Alumni Spotlight

Greg Baumer

Greg Baumer BS'08

Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company, Chicago

“From analytical training to networking dinners to case interview preparation, every apsect of the workshop is specifically designed to equip students for a successful career in consulting. And best of all, it works! I felt much more confident and prepared during interviews than did my friends who were not members of the workshop. In fact, I doubt I would have received my offer without the training received as part of the Consulting Workshop.”


Undergraduate Consulting Workshop

The Consulting Workshop is designed to familiarize students with the consulting field and to prepare them to obtain and to succeed in consulting jobs. While most workshop graduates accept positions with consulting firms, the skills learned and friendships made in the workshop are valuable, whatever career path a member may choose to pursue.

The workshop is focused around three courses.

  • Advanced Case Analysis and Effective Consulting Presentation (J420)
    J420 is an intense case-based course that focuses on the basic building blocks of consulting: analysis, presentation and teamwork. Students take this course in the fall of their junior years.


  • The Consulting Industry (X403)
    X403 is the course designed to familiarize students with the consulting field. It is focused around a January trip to meet with consulting firms in Chicago. In January 2012, Workshop members met with consultants at 11 leading firms - Bain, Charles River Associates, Deloitte, E&Y, Huron, Keystone, KPMG, L.E.K., McKinsey, Navigant and PwC. Students take this course in their junior years.

    Pictures from past Chicago trips

  • Structured Thinking and Interpersonal Aspects of Consulting (X404)
    X404 is the course that prepares students to obtain and to succeed in consulting jobs. It is focused on the structured thinking that underlies case interviewing (and, more generally, consulting), and interpersonal skills - networking, working with clients, working in a cross-cultural environment, and change management - that contribute to success in the field. We also discuss ethical issues that arise in consulting. Students take this course in the fall of their senior years.