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Indiana University Bloomington

Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, Harold A. Poling Chair in Strategic Management



  • Applied Econometrics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Strategy
  • Regulation


Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, 8th Edition, with Michael R. Baye, McGraw-Hill, 2014.

Predictive Analytics for Business Strategy: A Logical Guide to How Data Can Generate Actionable Knowledge, McGraw-Hill, 2015 (expected).


Publications in Academic Journals

1. Do Incumbents Improve Service Quality in Response to Entry: Evidence from Airlines' On-Time Performance, with Daniel Simon, forthcoming in Management Science.

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10. Is Time Inconsistency Primarily a Male Problem?, with Dan Shawhan, Applied Economics Letters, 18, 6, pp. 501-504, 2011.
Online Appendix

11. Has the Internet Accelerated the Diffusion of New Products?, with Daniel Simon, Research Policy, 38(8), 1269-1277, 2009.

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16. The Beginning of Online/Retail Competition and Its Origins: An Application to Personal Computers, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 25(1), 139-156, February, 2007.

Publications in Books and Other Outlets

17. The Dynamic Effects of Triple Play Bundling in Telecommunications, Time Warner Research Program on Digital Communications, Winter, 2012.

18. The Diffusion of the Internet and the Geography of the Digital Divide in the United States, with Shane Greenstein, in (eds) Robin Mansell, Chrisanthi Avgerou, Danny Quah, and Roger Silverstone, The Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies, Oxford University Press, pp. 168-195, 2007. NBER working paper # w12182.

19. The Geographical Diffusion of the Internet in the United States, with Shane Greenstein, in (eds) Munindar Singh, The Practical Handbook of Internet Computing, CRC Press, pp. 56-1 – 56-17, 2004.

Working Papers

20. Measuring Consumer Preferences for Video Content Provision via Cord-Cutting Behavior, with Shane Greenstein, in 2nd round at the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

21. Determinants of the Response in Private Long-Term Care Insurance Purchases to the Partnership Program, with Haizhen Lin, in 2nd round at Health Services Research.

22. The Impact of Mergers on Quality Provision: Evidence from the Airline Industry, with Daniel Simon, revision requested at the Journal of Industrial Economics.

23. The Effect of Competition on Toxic Pollution Releases, with Daniel Simon, revision requested at the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

24. Information Technology and Patient Health: Analyzing Outcomes, Populations, and Mechanisms, with Seth Freedman and Haizhen Lin, under review.